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Hi everyone, I am Bianca Chan, a student at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. I am deeply passionate about fighting for the Alzheimer's Disease community to strive for a cure and a better quality of life. I envision a world without Alzheimer's Disease. 


​I joined the Alzheimer’s Disease movement after coming across an article showing a former ballerina with severe memory loss due to this neurodegenerative illness. As she listened to a song, the graceful melody touched her. I was heartfelt seeing her emotional vulnerability, which led me to make cards for these elderly in my free time. Later, I became involved in the scientific research community by conducting Alzheimer’s Disease research. Whether I am spending my time in the lab researching or planning for the "Walk to End Alzheimer's," I have only continued to raise questions about this disease and have grown more devoted to this cause. Most of all, I realized that it is truly the small acts of kindness that can light up a day for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. Soo…I created the NeuroLOGIC Foundation! As a part of this foundation, I want to put a smile on these elderly's faces and improve their cognitive functions through quality care and support activities.

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